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Ultherapy in NYC


Ultherapy is a Popular Celebrity Treatment that Helps to Lift, Tighten and Tone Your Face, Brow, Jawline, Neck and Body.

Check Out Our Deals to Save on Your Ultherapy Cost. Request a Complimentary Consultation Online or Call 646-663-4131.

Perfect57 Med Spa is Located on the Border of New York’s Dynamic Midtown and Luxurious Upper East Side Near The Plaza Hotel.



Perfect57 Med Spa provides nonsurgical Ultherapy to lift, tighten and tone skin. Call 646-663-4131 to schedule a free consultation.
At Perfect57 MedSpa, we know that every client’s needs differ substantially. With the many advanced medspa treatments that are now available, finding the right treatment can be a confusing field to navigate. That is where our experienced clinicians at Perfect57 MedSpa in Manhattan, New York City come in! Our entire team has the experience to provide advice on the many different types of procedures on the market. One of these revolutionary treatments that many clients utilize at Perfect57 MedSpa is Ultherapy.

Ultherapy tightens and strengthens skin by building essential collagen, which is a crucial component of having firm skin. As most people get older, skin all over their body begins to sag and lose substantial amounts of collagen. Ultherapy is an effective, non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound technology to tighten the skin naturally by rebuilding collagen deposits in the body. Not only is Ultherapy effective for skin tightening on the face, brow, neck and chest, it also is a safe and FDA approved method. Highlighted below are some of the main reasons that show why Ultherapy is such a great method for skin tightening in patients of all ages:


  • Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, which means recovery time is fast and minimal
  • The Ultherapy method builds new collagen naturally and safely, so it is not harmful to the body
  • It uses innovative ultrasound technology, which has been proven to be effective
  • The therapy is faster than invasive procedures and is highly convenient


By delivering Ultherapy innovative skin tightening technique with ultrasound, our certified clinicians ensure effective and comfortable patient treatment in a safe environment. The process is highly personalized by the client, and precise amounts of ultrasound energy can be directed at specific problem areas that may require more collagen growth. If Ultherapy sounds like an interesting treatment that you would like to get from a professional, then Perfect57 MedSpa in Manhattan, NYC is ready to help! We know that the process of choosing the right skin therapy can be confusing, so our team is here to help throughout the entire process. Our team can provide the expert advice that clients need.

The first step in pursuing Ultherapy in NYC is calling Perfect57 MedSpa to schedule a consultation with one of our clinicians. Once you come into our medspa clinic to talk about the treatment and if Ultherapy is right for you, we can walk you through the process and answer any questions that you may have about the skin tightening therapies we offer. Our goal is to help you stay informed about the best treatment options for you, all while providing top notch medspa services in the Manhattan, New York City Area! We welcome clients of all ages and can provide personalized care depending on your medspa needs. We hope that our team of experienced clinicians at Perfect57 MedSpa can help you with all of your skin tightening and medspa needs soon! Call us today to schedule a consultation in Manhattan, New York City or to get more information on our clinic and services.