CoolSculpting NYC 57th Street NY | Perfect57 (646) 663-4131
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CoolSculpting in NYC


Perfect57 MedSpa specializes in CoolSculpting in NYC at Fifth Ave and 57th Street near the Plaza Hotel. Visit us at 5 East 57th St, New York NY 10022. Call (646) 663-4131 or click here to contact us online now.



In today’s world of Medical Spa treatments and plastic surgery, there are so many new technologies and options for looking your best, that it can seem overwhelming to find the best option for your medspa needs. At Perfect57 MedSpa in Manhattan, our team knows how difficult of a decision it can be for what therapy you should use, so we make the process easy and straightforward by providing expert advice and consultation. When you walk into our NYC medspa, you will be surrounded by a compassionate and experienced team who can provide you with a top notch sculpting experience. We are conveniently located in New York City, and offer flexible appointments for our patients.

So what exactly is CoolSculpting and is it the right treatment for you? CoolSculpting is the best possible fat freezing treatment on the market at the moment, and is non-surgical and FDA approved. By freezing and crystallizing the fat cells in a certain part of your body, the cells are then destroyed and expelled, leaving you with a smoother, sculpted body. The goal of the CoolSculpting treatment offered at Perfect57 is to simulate the natural process that your body goes through to get rid of fat cells. Some of the many perks of the CoolSculpting treatment include:

  • It is a non-invasive treatment and procedure
  • It works on diet resistant areas of your body that you may have tried repeatedly to lose fat from
  • It is FDA approved, which means it is a safe and effective way to lose unwanted fat cells
  • There is little to no discomfort involved in the CoolScuplting procedure, making it a much more desirable way to get rid of fat

While the CoolSculpting procedure may not be the best option for everyone, it does work for many patients. For patients who have large fat bulges and have tried dieting and other methods of fat loss, it could be a life changing method for you. It is especially helpful for areas such as inner thighs, abdomen, back fat, and the back of the arms, since these are areas with large deposits of fat. By freezing and eliminating the fat cells with cold treatment, the CoolSculpting method can safely and effectively leave your body fat free.

If this procedure sounds right for you and you are interested in hearing more about the process, we recommend that you give us a call today to schedule a consultation. Our medspa professionals and clinicians can answer all of your questions, and help you decide if CoolSculpting is the appropriate treatment method for your fat loss needs. Once you go through a consultation with one of our certified CoolSculpting clinicians, moving forward with the procedure is fast and easy, and provides great results for patients. Perfect57 MedSpa is a certified and experienced medspa that is conveniently located in the heart of New York City, and can offer a wide variety of procedures for patients of all ages. We hope we can help you with all of your fat loss needs soon at our medspa!